movement reflects the ongoing relationship of our inner and outer worlds
movement reflects the ongoing intertwining of our inner and outer worlds

Laban/Bartenieff and Somatic Studies Canada (LSSC) presents Laban Movement Analysis and BodyMind Practice™ professional Certification programs in Canada.  These programs are affiliated with the Laban/Bartenieff Institute of Movement Studies (LIMS®), New York, and include the LIMS-conferred award of Certified Movement Analyst (CMA).

Our program is designed for those interested in full Certification in Laban/Bartenieff Movement Analysis, as well as for those wishing to apply certificate-level Laban/Bartenieff expertise in particular areas of application. To help meet these purposes, our Modules are constructed thematically, following a sequence of Observing and Perceiving in Body/Effort/Space/Shape (BESS), with an in-depth focus on Bartenieff Fundamentals Practice; to a Module on Shape; on Effort; on Space; and lastly an integration Module that includes presentation of a Final Application, Certification Project.

Our Laban/Bartenieff work is approached somatically—that is through 1st person, bodily-based experiential knowledge and learning.  As a somatic, bodymind practice, we further contextualize the LMA material within the philosophical perspectives of phenomenology, and the depth-psychology of Jungian and Post Jungian studies.

Training in each module enhances embodiment, individual movement sensitivity, and self awareness, while developing very specialised skills utilised to identify and reflect upon movement patterns and qualities in diverse fields of application.

LSSI confers a Certificate in Laban Movement Analysis and BodyMind Practice, and LIMS® confers both Modular Certificates and the final Certificate in Laban Studies (CMA) for this Modular Program. LIMS® is a qualifying member of NASD.

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